A block-orientedDevicecan be composed using the modelling elements defined in this specification. A block-orientedDeviceincludes a configurable set of Blocks. Figure 56shows the general structure of block-orientedDevices.


Figure 56– Block-oriented Device structure example

An ObjectcalledBlocksis used as a container for the actual BlockTypeinstances. It is of the ConfigurableObjectTypewhich includes the SupportedTypesfolder. The SupportedTypesfolder forBlocksis used to maintain the set of (subtypes of) BlockTypesthat can be instantiated. The supported Blocksmay be restricted by the block-orientedDevice. In Figure 56the BlockTypesB and E have already been instantiated. In this example, only one instance of these types is allowed and the SupportedTypesfolder therefore does not reference these types anymore. See 9.2.1for the complete definition of the ConfigurableObjectType.