If an OPC UA Server abstracts several devices that support the SoftwareUpdate AddIn, the Information Model shall provide a defined entry point to find all these devices in an efficient manner.

This Use Case is expected to be addressed in other working groups or in a future version of this specification.

A possible solution would be to create a SWUpdate FolderType below DeviceFeatures as it is described in the DI specification. This folder could reference all SoftwareUpdate AddIns.

In most update scenarios the device can restart automatically during or after the installation. However, there can be situations where it is required to explicitly restart the device by the Client.

This use case is not supported by the current version of this specification. Since this feature might be useful outside of software update it should be realized somewhere outside this specification.

Sometimes it is desirable to store all files needed for software update at a central place and have the devices get the files on their own time and pace. In this case the Client would tell the Server only the location of the file. Then the actual transfer is initiated by the device.

There is no specific support for this use case in this specification. However, it is possible to use the described mechanisms to transfer a file that does not contain the actual software but the location of the external source(s) where the software file(s) should be pulled from.