From the root of any sub tree in the address space of the UA A & C Server, the A&E COM Client may request the list of areas and/or sources contained within that level. The resultant list of area names or source names will consist of the set of browse names belonging to those Nodes which meet the criteria for area or source designation as described above. These names are "short" names meaning that they are not fully qualified. The A&E COM Client may request the fully qualified representation of any of the short area or source names. In the case of sources, the fully qualified source name returned to the A&E COM Client will be the string encoded value of the NodeId as defined in 10000-6 (e.g., “ns=10;i=859“). In the case of areas, the fully qualified area name returned to the COM Client will be the relative path to the notifier Node as defined in 10000-4 (e.g., “/6:Boiler1/6:Pipe100X/1:Input/2:Measurement“). Relative path indices refer to the namespace table described below.