HasConditionis used to reference Conditions. The Referenceis from a ConditionSourceto a Conditioninstance or – if no instance is exposed by the Server– to the ConditionType.

Clientscan locate Conditionsby first browsing for ConditionSourcesfollowing HasEventSource References(including sub-types like the HasNotifier Reference) and then browsing for HasCondition Referencesfrom all target Nodesof the discoveredReferences.

Figure 25shows the application of the HasCondition Referencein a HasNotifierhierarchy. The VariableLevelMeasurement and the Object“Device B” Reference Conditioninstances. The Object“Tank A” References a ConditionType(MySystemAlarmType) indicating that a Conditionexists but is not exposed in the AddressSpace.


Figure 25– Use of HasCondition in a HasNotifier hierarchy