Each ConformanceUnitrepresents a specific set of features (e.g. a group of services, portions of services or information models) that can be tested as a single entity. ConformanceUnitsare the building blocks of a Profile. Each ConformanceUnit can also be used as a test category. For each ConformanceUnit,there would be a number of TestCases that test the functionality described by the ConformanceUnit.The description of a ConformanceUnitis intended to provide enough information to illustrate the required functionality, but in many cases to obtain a complete understanding of the ConformanceUnit the reader may be required to also examine the appropriate part of OPC UA. Additional Information regarding testing of a ConformanceUnitare provided in the Compliance Part 8 UA Serveror Compliance Part 9 UA Clienttest standards.

The same features do not appear in more than one ConformanceUnit.

For improved clarity, the large list of ConformanceUnitsis arranged into named ConformanceGroups. These groups reflect different OPC UA aspects like the Service Sets, security, transport, and Information Models.

ConformanceGroupshave no impact on testing; they are used only for organizational reasons. These groups and the ConformanceUnitsthat they describe are available at https://profiles.opcfoundation.org/conformanceunit/.