Table 69 describes the details of the Redundancy Visible Server Facet. This Facet specifies the support for non-transparent redundancy. Failover for this type of redundancy requires the Client to monitor Server status and to switch to a backup Server if it detects a failure. The Server shall expose the methods of failover it supports (cold, warm or hot). The failover method tells the Client what it must do when connecting to a Server and when a failure occurs. Cold redundancy requires a Client to reconnect to a backup Server after the initial Server has failed. Warm redundancy allows a Client to connect to multiple Servers, but only one Server will be providing values. In hot redundancy multiple Servers are able to provide data and a Client can connect to multiple Servers for the data.

Table 69 – Redundancy Visible Server Facet


Conformance Unit / Profile Title



Redundancy Server