A TranslationTypecontains additional translations for LocalizedTextsused in the Valueof a Variable. The fields in the TranslationTypeare defined in Table F.10. If multiple Argumentsexisted there would be a Translation element for each Argument.

The type can have two forms depending on whether the Valueis a LocalizedTextor a Structurecontaining LocalizedTexts. If it is a LocalizedTextis contains a simple list of translations. If it is a Structure,it contains a list of fields which each contain a list of translations. Each field is identified by a Name which is unique within the structure. The mapping between the Name and the Structurerequires an understanding of the Structureencoding. If the Structurefield is encoded as a LocalizedTextwith UA XML, then the name is the unqualified path to the XML element where names in the path are separated by ‘/’. For example, a structure with a nested structure containing a LocalizedText could have a path like “Server/ApplicationName”.

The following example illustrates how translations for the Description field in the Argument Structureare represented in XML:


<ListOfExtensionObject xmlns="http://opcfoundation.org/UA/2008/02/Types.xsd">












<ArrayDimensions />


<Text>[English Translation for Description]</Text>








<Field Name="Description">

<Text Locale="de-DE">[German Translation for Description]</Text>

<Text Locale="fr-FR">[French Translation for Description]</Text>



If multiple Arguments existed there would be a Translation element for each Argument.

Table F.10– TranslationType





LocalizedText []

An array of translations for the Value.

It only appears if the Valueis a LocalizedTextor an array of LocalizedText.


StructureTranslationType []

An array of structure fields which have translations.

It only appears if the Value is a Structureor an array of Structures.



The name of the field.

This uniquely identifies the field within the structure.

The exact mapping depends on the encoding of the structure.


LocalizedText []

An array of translations for the structure field.