This annex defines the numeric identifiers for all of the numeric NodeIdsdefined by the OPC UA Specification. The identifiers are specified in a CSV file with the following syntax:

<SymbolName>, <Identifier>, <NodeClass>

Where the SymbolNameis either the BrowseNameof a Type Nodeor the BrowsePathfor an Instance Nodethat appears in the specification and the Identifieris numeric value for the NodeId.

The BrowsePathfor an instance Nodeis constructed by appending the BrowseNameof the instance Nodeto BrowseNamefor the containing instance or type. A ‘_’ character is used to separate each BrowseNamein the path. For example, OPC 10000-5defines the ServerType ObjectType Nodewhich has the NamespaceArray Property. The SymbolNamefor the NamespaceArray InstanceDeclarationwithin the ServerTypedeclaration is: ServerType_NamespaceArray. OPC 10000-5also defines a standard instance of the ServerType ObjectTypewith the BrowseNameServer’. The BrowseNamefor the NamespaceArray Propertyof the standard Server Objectis: Server_NamespaceArray.

The NamespaceUrifor all NodeIdsdefined here is

The CSV released with this version of the standards can be found here:

NOTE The latest CSV that is compatible with this version of the standard can be found here: