For the purposes of this document the terms and definitions given in OPC 10000-1, OPC 10000-2 and OPC 10000-3 as well as the following apply.

a short identifer used to uniquely identify an X.509v3 Certificate.

Note 1 to entry: This is the SHA1 hash of DER encoded form of the Certificate.

a way to serialize OPC UA Messages and data structures.

a suite a tools and/or programming languages used to create software.

specifies how to implement an OPC UA feature with a specific technology.

Note 1 to entry: For example, the OPC UA Binary Encoding is a Mapping that specifies how to serialize OPC UA data structures as sequences of bytes.

ensures the integrity and privacy of UA Messages that are exchanged between OPC UA applications

a combination of DataEncodings, SecurityProtocol and TransportProtocol Mappings

Note 1 to entry: OPC UA applications implement one or more StackProfiles and can only communicate with OPC UA applications that support a StackProfile that they support.

a full-duplex communication link established between OPC UA applications.

Note 1 to entry: A TCP/IP socket is an example of a TransportConnection.

a way to exchange serialized OPC UA Messages between OPC UA applications

APIApplication Programming Interface

ASN.1Abstract Syntax Notation #1 (used in X690)

CSVComma Separated Value (File Format)

ECCElliptic Curve Cryptography

HTTPHypertext Transfer Protocol

HTTPSSecure Hypertext Transfer Protocol

IPSecInternet Protocol Security

OIDObject Identifier (used with ASN.1)

RSARivest, Shamir and Adleman [Public Key Encryption System] 

SHA1Secure Hash Algorithm

SOAPSimple Object Access Protocol

SSLSecure Sockets Layer (Defined in SSL/TLS)

TCPTransmission Control Protocol

TLSTransport Layer Security (Defined in SSL/TLS)

UAUnified Architecture

UACPOPC UA Connection Protocol

UASCOPC UA Secure Conversation

WS-*XML Web Services Specifications

XMLExtensible Markup Language