This Service is used to write values to one or more Attributes of one or more Nodes. For constructed Attribute values whose elements are indexed, such as an array, this Service allows Clients to write the entire set of indexed values as a composite, to write individual elements or to write ranges of elements of the composite.

The values are written to the data source, such as a device, and the Service does not return until it writes the values or determines that the value cannot be written. In certain cases, the Server will successfully write to an intermediate system or Server, and will not know if the data source was updated properly. In these cases, the Server should report a success code that indicates that the write was not verified. In the cases where the Server is able to verify that it has successfully written to the data source, it reports an unconditional success.

The order the operations are processed in the Server is not defined and depends on the different data sources and the internal Server logic. If an Attribute and Node combination is contained in more than one operation, the order of the processing is undefined. If a Client requires sequential processing the Client needs separate Service calls.

It is possible that the Server may successfully write some Attributes, but not others. Rollback is the responsibility of the Client.

If a Server allows writing of Attributes with the DataType LocalizedText, the Client can add or overwrite the text for a locale by writing the text with the associated LocaleId. Writing a null String for the text for a locale shall delete the String for that locale. Writing a null String for the locale and a non-null String for the text is setting the text for an invariant locale. Writing a null String for the text and a null String for the locale shall delete the entries for all locales. If a Client attempts to write a locale that is either syntactically invalid or not supported, the Server returns Bad_LocaleNotSupported. The Write behaviour for Value Attributes with a LocalizedText DataType is Server specific but it is recommended to follow the same rules.