For all of the examples in 7.4.4, the type definition Node is listed in its symbolic form, in the actual call it would be the ExpandedNodeId assigned to the Node. The Attribute is the symbolic name of the Attribute, in the actual call they would be translated to the IntegerId of the Attribute. Also in all of the examples the BrowseName is included in the result table for clarity; normally this would not be returned.

All of the examples include the following items:

  • an English description of the object of the query,
  • an SQL like description of the query,
  • a table that has a NodeTypeDescription of the items that are to be returned
  • a figure illustrating the query filter.
  • a table describing the content filer
  • a table describing the resulting dataset

The examples assume namespace 12 is the namespace for all of the custom definitions described for the examples.