This Service returns the Servers known to a Discovery Server. Unlike FindServers, this Service is only implemented by Discovery Servers.

The Client may reduce the number of results returned by specifying filter criteria. An empty list is returned if no Server matches the criteria specified by the Client.

This Service shall not require message security but it may require transport layer security.

Each time the Discovery Server creates or updates a record in its cache it shall assign a monotonically increasing identifier to the record. This allows Clients to request records in batches by specifying the identifier for the last record received in the last call to FindServersOnNetwork. To support this the Discovery Server shall return records in numerical order starting from the lowest record identifier. The Discovery Server shall also return the last time the counter was reset for example due to a restart of the Discovery Server. If a Client detects that this time is more recent than the last time the Client called the Service it shall call the Service again with a startingRecordId of 0.

This Service can be used without security and it is therefore vulnerable to denial of service (DOS) attacks. A Server should minimize the amount of processing required to send the response for this Service. This can be achieved by preparing the result in advance.