Objects are always based on an ObjectType, i.e. they have a HasTypeDefinition Reference pointing to its ObjectType.

Clients can create Objects using the AddNodes Service defined in OPC 10000-4. The Service requires specifying the TypeDefinitionNode of the Object. An Object created by the AddNodes Service contains all components defined by its ObjectType dependent on the ModellingRules specified for the components. However, the Server may add additional components and References to the Object and its components that are not defined by the ObjectType. This behaviour is Server dependent. The ObjectType only specifies the minimum set of components that shall exist for each Object of an ObjectType.

In addition to the AddNodes Service ObjectTypes may have a special Method with the BrowseNameCreate”. This Method is used to create an Object of this ObjectType. This Method may be useful for the creation of Objects where the semantic of the creation should differ from the default behaviour expected in the context of the AddNodes Service. For example, the values should directly differ from the default values or additional Objects should be added, etc. The input and output arguments of this Method depend on the ObjectType; the only commonality is the BrowseName identifying that this Method will create an Object based on the ObjectType. Servers should not provide a Method on an ObjectType with the BrowseNameCreate” for any other purpose than creating Objects of the ObjectType.