SemanticChangeEventsare Eventsof SemanticChangeEventTypethat are generated to indicate a change of the AddressSpacesemantics. The change consists of a change to the Value Attributeof a Property.

The SemanticChangeEventcontains information about the Nodeowning the Propertythat was changed. If this is a Variableor Object, the TypeDefinitionNodeis also present.

The SemanticChange bit of the AccessLevel Attributeof a Propertyindicates whether changes of the Propertyvalue are considered for SemanticChangeEvents (see 5.6.2).

The ViewVersionand NodeVersion Propertiesdo not change due to the publication of a SemanticChangeEvent.

SemanticChangeEventsare handled in the context of a Viewthe same way as ModelChangeEvents. This is defined in 9.32.3.

SemanticChangeEventscan be compressed the same way as ModelChangeEvents. This is defined in 9.32.4.