The HierarchicalReferences ReferenceTypeis an abstract ReferenceType; only subtypes of it can be used.

The semantic of HierarchicalReferencesis to denote that Referencesof HierarchicalReferencesspan a hierarchy. It means that it may be useful to present Nodesrelated with Referencesof this type in a hierarchical-like way. HierarchicalReferencesdoes not forbid loops. For example, starting from Node“A” and following HierarchicalReferences itmay be possible to browse to Node“A”, again.

It is not permitted to have a Propertyas SourceNodeof a Referenceof any subtype of this abstract ReferenceType.

It is not allowed that the SourceNodeand the TargetNodeof a Referenceof the ReferenceType HierarchicalReferencesare the same, that is, it is not allowed to have self-references using HierarchicalReferences.