The optional UserRolePermissions Attributespecifies the Permissionsthat apply to a Nodefor all Rolesgranted to current Session. The value of the Attributeis an array of RolePermissionType Structures(see Table 8).

Clientsmay determine their effective Permissionsby logically ORing the Permissionsfor each Rolein the array.

The value of this Attributeis derived from the rules used by the Serverto map Sessionsto Roles. This mapping may be vendor specific or it may use the standard Rolemodel defined in 4.8.

This Attribute shall not be writeable.

If not specified, the value of DefaultUserRolePermissions Propertyfrom the Namespace Metadata Objectassociated with the Nodeis used instead. If the NamespaceMetadata Objectdoes not define the Propertyor does not exist, then the Serverdoes not publish any information about Rolesmapped to the current Session.