A PublishedDataSet defines the content of a DataSetMessage and the configuration of the information source for a DataSet. See 5.2 for the introduction to DataSets, 5.3 for the introduction to DataSetMessages and for an introduction to the different source options and the parameters for sending of DataSetMessages.

Figure 41 depicts the ObjectTypes of the published DataSet model and their components.


Figure 41 – Published DataSet overview

Instances of the DataSetFolderType are used to organize PublishedDataSetType Objects in a tree of DataSetFolders. The configuration can be made through Methods or can be made by product-specific configuration tools.

The PublishedDataSetType defines the information necessary for a Subscriber to understand and decode DataSetMessages received from the Publisher for a DataSet and to detect changes of the DataSet semantic and metadata.

The types derived from the PublishedDataSetType define the source of information for a DataSet in the OPC UA Server AddressSpace like Variables or Events.