AMQP allows sending properties as part of opening the connection, session establishment and link attach.

The connection properties apply to any connection, session or link created as part of the PubSubConnection, or subordinate configuration entities, such as WriterGroup and DataSetWriter.

The properties are defined through the KeyValuePair array in the ConnectionProperties WriterGroupProperties and DataSetWriterProperties. The NamespaceIndex of the QualifiedName in the KeyValuePair shall be 0 for AMQP standard properties. The Name of the QualifiedName is constructed from a prefix and the AMQP property name with the following syntax.

Name = <target prefix>-<AMQP property name>

The target prefix can have the following values:

  • Connection;
  • session;
  • link.

The Value of the KeyValuePair is converted to an AMQP data type using the rules defined in Table 174. If there is no rule defined for a data type, the property shall not be included.

The connection properties are intended to be used sparingly to optimize interoperability with existing broker endpoints.