The parameter ConfiguredSize with the DataType UInt16 defines the fixed size in bytes a DataSetMessage uses inside a NetworkMessage. The default value is 0 and it indicates a dynamic length. If a DataSetMessage would be smaller in size (e.g. because of the current values that are encoded) the DataSetMessage is padded with bytes with value zero. In case it would be larger, the Publisher shall set bit 0 of the DataSetFlags1 to false to indicate that the DataSetMessage is not valid.

NOTE The parameter ConfiguredSize can be used for different reasons. One reason is the reservation of space inside a NetworkMessage by setting ConfiguredSize to a higher value than the assigned DataSet actually requires. Modifications (e.g. extensions) of the DataSet would then not change the required bandwidth on the network which reduces the risk of side effects. Another reason would be to maintain predictable network behaviour even when using a volatile field DataTypes like String or ByteString.