The ConnectionProperties parameter is an array of DataType KeyValuePair that specifies additional properties for the configured connection. The KeyValuePair type is defined in OPC 10000-5 and consists of a QualifiedName and a value of BaseDataType.

The mapping of the namespace, name, and value to concrete functionality may be defined by transport protocol mappings or vendor-specific extensions.

The NamespaceIndex of the QualifiedName in the KeyValuePair for properties defined in this document shall be 0. The Name of the QualifiedName is the property name from Table 38. The DataType of the Value in the KeyValuePair shall be the DataType defined in Table 38.

Table 38 formally defines the ConnectionProperties.

Table 38 – ConnectionProperties






The interval the PubSub application shall use to retry pulling keys after an error appeared. The PubSub application shall have a default value for the retry interval in the case this value is not configured.