The parameter EventNotifier defines the NodeId of the Object in the event notifier tree of the OPC UA Server from which Events are collected.

The parameter SelectedFields defines the selection of Event fields contained in the DataSet generated for an Event and sent through the DataSetWriter. The SimpleAttributeOperand DataType is defined in OPC 10000-4. The DataType of the selected Event field in the EventType defines the DataType of the DataSet field. Event fields can be null or the field value can be a StatusCode. The encoding of Event based DataSetMessages shall be able to handle these cases. ExtensionFields defined for the instance of the PublishedEventsType can be included in the SelectedFields by specifying the PublishedEventsType NodeId as typeId in the SimpleAttributeOperand and the BrowseName of the extension field in the browsePath of the SimpleAttributeOperand.

The index into the list of entries in the SelectedFields has an important role for Subscribers. It is used as handle to reference the Event field in DataSetMessages received by Subscribers. The index may change after configuration changes. Changes are indicated by the ConfigurationVersion and applications working with the index shall always check the ConfigurationVersion before using the index. If a change of the SelectedFields adds additional fields, the MinorVersion of the ConfigurationVersion shall be updated. If a change of the SelectedFields removes fields, the MajorVersion of the ConfigurationVersion shall be updated. The ConfigurationVersionDataType and the rules for setting the version are defined in

The parameter Filter defines the filter applied to the Events. It allows the reduction of the DataSets generated from Events through a filter. The ContentFilter DataType is defined in OPC 10000-4.

This Structure DataType is used to represent PublishedEvents specific parameters. It is a subtype of the PublishedDataSetSourceDataType defined in

The PublishedEventsDataType is formally defined in Table 20.

Table 20 – PublishedEventsDataType structure






Subtype of PublishedDataSetSourceDataType defined in



Defined in



Defined in



Defined in

Its representation in the AddressSpace is defined in Table 21.

Table 21 – PublishedEventsDataType definition







Subtype of PublishedDataSetSourceDataType defined in

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