A PublishedDataSet defines the content of a DataSetMessage and the configuration of the information source for a DataSet. See 5.2 for the introduction to DataSets, 5.3 for the introduction to DataSetMessages and for an introduction to the different source options and the parameters for sending of DataSetMessages.

The content of a DataSetMessage is defined by the DataSetMetaData. This information is required for interoperability between Publisher and Subscriber. See

The information source is only necessary for the configuration of the Publisher. The standard configuration options are published data items for cyclic DataSets as defined in and published events for acyclic DataSets as defined in OPC UA Applications can provide PublishedDataSets where the information source is application specific. The custom PublishedDataSet source DataType defined in indicates if the DataSet is cyclic or acyclic. Cyclic DataSets are sent as key frame or delta frame DataSetMessages. Acyclic DataSets are sent as event DataSetMessages.