The PubSub components have configuration property lists as KeyValuePair arrays. These optional configuration properties extend the configuration parameters defined for the different PubSub components.

The configuration properties are mainly used as protocol or product specific parameters influencing the behaviour of the PubSub application. These properties may contain information that should not be visible outside the configuration tools and PubSub applications. Therefore the properties shall not be included in the PubSubConnectionDataType, WriterGroupDataType and DataSetWriterDataType when sent in discovery messages.

The configuration are defined in different sections in the scope where they are used. The properties that can be applied to all PubSub components are defined in Table 4.

The NamespaceIndex of the QualifiedName in the KeyValuePair for properties defined in this document shall be 0. The Name of the QualifiedName is the property name from Table 4. The DataType of the Value in the KeyValuePair shall be the DataType defined in Table 4.

Table 4 formally defines the general PubSub configuration properties.

Table 4 – General PubSub configuration properties






Indicates if the component configuration is persisted.

If this property is not present the default value is false and the component configuration is persisted.



A time delay in milliseconds from the time the first error is detected until transitioning to the PubSubState Error.