PubSubis designed to be flexible and is not bound to a particular messaging system. All components and activities are first described abstractly in Clause 5and do not represent a specification for implementation. The concrete communication parameters are specified in Clause 6. The concrete transport protocol mappings and message mappings are specified in Clause 7.

Defined with these abstraction layers, PubSubcan be used to transport different types of information through networks with different characteristics as illustrated with two examples:

  • PubSubwith UDP transport and binary encoded messages may be well-suited in production environments for frequent transmission of small amounts of data. It also allows data exchange in one-to-one and one-to-many configurations.
  • The use of established standard messaging protocols (e.g. AMQP or MQTT) with JSON data encoding supports the cloud integration path and readily allows handling of the information in modern stream and batch analytics systems.