This Method is used to modify the event field selection of a PublishedEventsType Object.

The Client shall be authorized to modify the configuration for the PubSub functionality when invoking this Method on the Server.


ModifyFieldSelection (

[in]ConfigurationVersionDataType ConfigurationVersion

[in]String[] FieldNameAliases

[in]Boolean[] PromotedFields

[in]SimpleAttributeOperand[] SelectedFields

[out]ConfigurationVersionDataType NewConfigurationVersion





Configuration version of the DataSet. The configuration version must match the entire current configuration version of the Object when the Method call is processed. If it does not match, the result Bad_InvalidState shall be returned.

The ConfigurationVersionDataType is defined in


The names assigned to the selected fields in the DataSetMetaData and in the DataSetMessages for tagged message encoding. The size and the order of the array must match the SelectedFields.

The string is used to set the name field in the FieldMetaData that is part of the DataSetMetaData.


The flags indicating if the corresponding field is promoted to the DataSetMessage header. The size and the order of the array shall match the SelectedFields.

The flag is used to set the corresponding field in the FieldMetaData that is part of the DataSetMetaData.


The selection of Event fields contained in the DataSet generated for an Event and sent through the DataSetWriter. The SimpleAttributeOperand DataType is defined in OPC 10000-4.

A change to the selected fields requires a change of the ConfigurationVersion.


Return the new configuration version of the DataSet.

Method Result Codes




The configuration version did not match the current state of the Object.


The event filter is not valid.


The Session user is not allowed to configure the Object.