The ResourceUri parameter of DataType String enables the transport implementation to look up a configured key from the corresponding KeyCredentialConfigurationType instance defined in OPC 10000-12 to use for authenticating access to the broker at the connection level or for queues configured below the connection.

If null, no authentication or anonymous authentication shall be assumed as default unless authentication settings are provided on a subordinated WriterGroup or a DataSetWriter to authenticate access to individual queues.

The parameter AuthenticationProfileUri of DataType String allows the selection of the authentication protocol used by the transport implementation. This maps to the ProfileUri Property in the KeyCredentialConfigurationType instance selected through the ResourceUri and AuthenticationProfileUri Strings.

This parameter is optional. If more than one ProfileUri describing the protocol to use for authentication is configured and this value is null, the transport will choose one. If the transport cannot fine a suitable authentication mechanism in the ProfileUri array, the transport sets the State of the PubSubConnection is set to Error_3.

This Structure DataType is used to represent the Broker specific transport mapping parameters for the PubSubConnection. It is a subtype of the ConnectionTransportDataType defined in

The BrokerConnectionTransportDataType is formally defined in Table 68.

Table 68 – BrokerConnectionTransportDataType Structure








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