A Security Key Service (SKS) provides keys for message security that can be used by the Publisher to sign and encrypt NetworkMessages and by the Subscriber to verify the signature of NetworkMessages and to decrypt them.

The SKS is responsible for managing the keys used to publish or consume PubSub NetworkMessages. Separate keys are associated with each SecurityGroupId in the system. The GetSecurityKeys Method exposed by the SKS shall be called to receive necessary key material for a SecurityGroupId. GetSecurityKeys can return more than one key. In this case the next key can be used when the current key is outdated without calling GetSecurityKeys for every key needed. The PubSubKeyServiceType defined in 8.2 specifies the GetSecurityKeys Method.

The GetSecurityKeys Method can be implemented by a Publisher or by a central SKS. In both cases, the well-known NodeIds for the PublishSubscribe Object and the related GetSecurityKeys Method are used to call the GetSecurityKeys Method. The PublishSubscribe Object is defined in 8.4.

The SetSecurityKeys Method is typically used by a central SKS to push the security keys for a SecurityGroup into a Publisher or Subscriber. The Method is exposed by Publishers or Subscribers that have no OPC UA Client functionality. The Method is part of the PublishSubscribeType defined in