Four standard Program Methodsare specified for running the DomainDownload Program, Start, Suspend, Resume, and Halt. No additional Methods are specified. Thebase behaviours of these Methods are defined by theProgramStateMachineType. The Start Methodinitiates the download activity and passes the source and destination locations for the transfer. The Suspend Methodis used to pause the activity temporarily. The Resume Methodreinitiates the download, when paused. The Halt Methodaborts the download. Each of the Methods causes a Programstate transition and a substate transition. The specific state transition depends on the current state at the time the Methodis called. If a Method Callis made when the DomainDownload is in a state for which that Method has no associated transition, the Methodreturns an error status indicating invalid state for the Method.

The Start Methodspecifies three input arguments to be passed when it is called: Domain Name, DomainSource, and DomainDestination. The other Methodsrequire no input arguments. No output arguments are specified for the DomainDownload Methods. The resultant error status for the Programis part of theCall Service.