Result data is generated by a running Program. The result data can be intermediate or final. Result data may be associated with specific Program state transitions.

Intermediate result data is transient and is generated by the Program in conjunction with non- terminal state transitions. The data items that compose the intermediate results are defined in association with specific Program state transitions. Their values are relevant only at the transition level.

Each Program state transition can be associated with different result data items. Alternately, a set of transitions can share a result data item. Percentage complete is an example of intermediate result data. The value of percentage complete is produced when the state transition occurs and is available to the Client.

Clients acquire intermediate result data by subscribing to Program state transition Events. The Events specify the data items for each transition. When the transition occurs, the generated Event conveys the result data values captured to the subscribed Clients. If no Client is monitoring the Program, intermediate result data may be discarded.

Terminal result data is the final data generated by the Program as it ceases execution. Total execution time, number of widgets produced, and fault condition encountered are examples of terminal result data. When the Program enters the terminal state, this result data can be conveyed to the Client by the transition Event. Terminal result data is also available within the Program to be read by a Client after the program stops. This data persists until the Program Instance is rerun or deleted.

Clients can monitor the activities associated with a Program’s execution. These activities include the invocation of the management Methods, the generation of result data, and the progression of the Program through its states. Audit Events are provided for Method Calls and state transitions. These Events allow a record to be maintained of the Clients that interacted with any Program and the Program state transitions that resulted from that interaction.