The status of the device is provided as DeviceHealth enumeration in the DeviceHealth property. The possible values are NORMAL_0, FAILURE_1, CHECK_FUNCTION_2, OFF_SPEC_3 and MAINTENANCE_REQUIRED_4.

NORMAL_0 The device functions normally.

FAILURE_1 Malfunction of the device or any of its peripherals. Typically caused device-internal or process related.

CHECK_FUNCTION_2Functional checks are currently performed. Examples: Change of configuration, local operation, substitute value entered.

OFF_SPEC_3 Off-spec means that the device is operating outside its specified range (e.g. measuring or temperature range) or that internal diagnoses indicate deviations from measured or set values due to internal problems in the device or process characteristics.

MAINTENANCE_REQUIRED_4Although the output signal is valid, the wear reserve is nearly exhausted or a function will soon be restricted due to operational conditions e.g. build-up of deposits.