This document  describes  an  information  model, which  aims  to  cover  the whole Compressed Air System. A typical Compressed Air System consists of several devices, such as compressors, dryers, filters, air quality monitoring units etc., it is commonly also equipped with a Main Control System. The latter is used to control and/or monitor the connected devices and gather information from the same. This aggregated information is often provided to higher level systems through existing field bus technology (e.g. Profibus, Modbus, CAN Bus), with the drawback that the content and structure of the provided information is highly dependent on the manufacturer of the Main Control System. With this specification an integration in a Main Control System would be possible.

The variety of Compressed Air System is rather wide. It could be e.g. two compressors and a Main Control System and a basic compressed air treatment as a minimum configuration. More complex Compressed Air System have several compressors which must be controlled and several Airnets of different pressures with specific dryers, filters etc.

Therefore, this specification covers a very broad range of systems as well as of applications.

A typical more complex Compressed Air System is described in the following figure:


Figure 1 – Compressed Air System