The instance declaration Object EventReporting overrides definitions of the BACnetEventReportingType.

The EventAlgorithm component is changed to TypeDefinition BACnetChangeOfStateAlgorithmType and ModellingRule Mandatory if used in the BACnetBinaryInputType. The BACnetChangeOfStateAlgorithmType is defined in 8.10.

On the EventAlgorithm instance of the BACnetChangeOfStateAlgorithmType, the DataType of the Alarm_Values Property is changed to 0:Boolean.

The BACnet property Alarm_Value of the BACnet object type Binary Input is mapped to the AlarmValues Property of the BACnetChangeOfStateAlgorithmType.

This OPC UA Property, of DataType String, represents the BACnet property Device_Type.

It is a text description of the physical device connected to the binary input.

This OPC UA Property, of DataType BACnetPolarity, represents the BACnet property Polarity. The BACnetPolarity DataType is defined in 10.4.22.

It indicates the relationship between the physical state of the Input and the logical state represented by the Present_Value property.