This OPC UA Property, of DataType 0:UInteger, reflects the logical state of the input.

This OPC UA MultiStateDiscreteType Variable represents the BACnet properties Present_Value, State_Text and Number_Of_States. The OPC UA VariableType MultiStateDiscreteType is defined in OPC 10000-8. It defines the OPC UA Property EnumStrings.

The following list provides the BACnet property and the mapping to the corresponding data member in the OPC UA multistate discrete item.

  • Present_Value represented by Value Attribute of the Variable.
  • State_Text and Number_Of_States represented by the EnumStrings Property of the Variable. If the optional BACnet property State_Text is not present, the EnumStrings property is filled with State_1 to State_N strings where the N and the number of strings are defined by Number_Of_States.