This method queries the RTLS device or system synchronous and returns the location of an object. Depending on vendor-specific implementation, it may initiate a location or range acquisition and synchronously return a result, or the RTLS device may return the last known location of the object (the age of the last location acquisition will be apparent from the timestamp returned in the result).


GetLocation (

[in]ScanData Identifier

[in]CodeTypeDataType CodeType

[in]LocationTypeEnum LocationType






AutoID Identifier according to the device configuration as returned as part of a ScanResult in a scan event or scan method. The ScanData DataType is defined in 9.4.2.

If the ScanData is used as returned in the ScanResult, the structure may contain information that must be ignored by the AutoID Device. An example is the ScanDataEpc where only the parameter UId is relevant for this Method.

If the Identifier is provided from a different source than the ScanResult, a ScanData with a ByteString can be used to pass a UId where the CodeType is set to ‘UId’.


Defines the format of the ScanData in the Identifier as string. The String DataType CodeTypeDataType and the predefined format strings are defined in 9.1.3.


The requestsd type of the location information returned in the scan results. The LocationTypeEnumeration DataType is defined in 9.2.3.


Results of the method execution. The RtlsLocationResult DataType is defined in 9.3.15.

Method Result Codes




The device does not support this function


This command is not available or not allowed e.g. due to special configuration