This FunctionalGroup is inherited from the AutoIdDeviceType and described in 6.1. Predefined runtime parameters for the OpticalReaderDeviceType are defined in Table 12.

The parameters TemplateName and MatchCode are described in

For quality and testing purposes, the actual image taken by the optical reader can be accessed with this object. E.g. the picture might be checked by engineers if the optical decoding does not deliver the expected results.

The Images Object when available shall contain the list of FileType Objects (see Table 12) with the images taken by the optical reader.

The MIME type of an image is provided through the MimeType Property of the FileType.

This method starts the scan process of the optical reader device synchronous and returns the scan results. It overwrites the Scan method of the AutoIdDeviceType defined in


Scan (

[in]ScanSettings Settings

[out]OpticalScanResult [] Results






Configuration settings for the scan execution. The ScanSettings DataType is defined in 9.3.7.


Results of the scan execution. The OpticalScanResult DataType is defined in 9.3.10.


Returns the status of the scan operation.

The AutoIdOperationStatusEnumeration DataType is defined in 9.2.1.

Method Result Codes




There is already a scan active


The scan setting contained an invalid value like infinite duration.

Other OPC UA status codes defined for the Call Service in OPC 10000-4.