Several nodesets (see Figure 10) are defined to organise the address space. Figure 10 includes the nodeset name, the corresponding namespace URI and the file name containing the nodeset. All nodesets are based on the UA Base types. The nodeset AutomationML Base types (AML, see Chapter 6) defines all nodes and type definitions necessary for the modelling of AutomationML in OPC UA. This includes e.g. organisational nodes for the entry into the AutomationML folder for RoleClassLibs or AutomationML types (ObjectType CAEXFileType). One nodeset is defined for the standardised and informative AutomationML libraries (AMLLibs, see Chapter 6.4) coming from IEC62714-1, IEC62714-2, IEC62714-3, and IEC62714-4. And finally, one or more nodesets are used for the concrete AutomationML documents (Filename of each AutomationML document).


Figure 10 – Different nodesets for the usage of AutomationML in OPC UA information models