Identification of Asset


The user wants to identify the assets managed by an OPC UA Server in a globally unique manner, receive standardized identification information about the asset and set user-specific information in order to simplify its usage.


For each asset managed by an OPC UA Server the user wants to

  • Receive a globally unique identification of the asset that should be identical, even if the asset is managed by various OPC UA servers.
  • Receive standardized base identification information of the asset like serial number, manufacturer, and revision information.
  • Set and receive user-specific identification information that is tailored to the needs of the user, like a user-specific name or identification.

This allows the user to receive and manage asset information as base for various asset management use cases. The assets can be uniquely identified, even if managed by different applications, and the user gets information about the manufacturer of the asset etc. The user can set its own information into the identification information in order to follow a user-specific identification and naming schema.

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