In order to expose the hierarchical location as Objects, there is a standardized entry point HierarchicalLocations (see Each Object referenced from the HierarchicalLocations Object with an Organizes Reference or a subtype represents the highest level of a location hierarchy. The ObjectType for those Objects is not further defined, it can be of any ObjectType. Companion specifications might further refine the ObjectType. These Objects may reference other Objects with hierarchical References, exposing deeper level of the hierarchy. The ReferenceType is not further restricted, it is recommended to use the HasComponent ReferenceType. The hierarchy spanned should not contain loops, however, Clients shall not rely on this.

The HierarchicalContains ReferenceType (see is used to relate the contained assets in the corresponding hierarchical location and is excluded from spanning the location hierarchy.

Since the Objects under the HierarchicalLocations Object span a location hierarchy, each asset is only referenced from the deepest level in the hierarchy it belongs to. Implicitly, those assets are also contained from the higher levels in the hierarchy.