OPC UA provides an mechanism to expose the local time of a Server, by the optional Property0:LocalTimeon the 0:Server Object(defined on the 0:ServerTypein OPC 10000-5). This Propertyis also used as optional Event field.

Assets managed by a Servermay be in a different time zone than the Server. Therefore, the same Propertyas on the Server Objectshould be used to expose the local time of the asset, i.e. a Propertywith BrowseName0:LocalTimehaving the DataType0:TimeZoneDataTypeor a subtype.

Serversmay set the 0:LocalTime Propertyto be writable to allow Clientsto set the local time of an asset. Serversmay provide the 0:LocalTimewith a Null Valuein case the local time is unknown to the Serverand not set by any Client.