This section addresses questions related to the analyser server configuration.

What is the analyser server configuration philosophy?

Offline configuration using vendor specific tool using a proprietary configuration format, then call SetConfiguration method. This approach is often cost effective in the short term, when migrating legacy analysers, but limits the benefits of the open ADI standard.

Offline configuration using vendor specific tool but using a public, documented configuration format. A documented XML format is a good example.

Start the analyser server and configure each Parameter manually using an OPC UA / ADI client.

Dual approach, which combines the offline configuration with public configuration format followed by a call to SetConfiguration. This can be followed with the client updating some Parameters before starting the acquisition process. This is the preferred approach because it allows the client to:

Use standard configuration templates and apply specific changes.

Use generic tools for configuration and deployment tasks

Update some Parameters live, which is very convenient during diagnostics.