Knowing that the connection between the Analyser Server and the client may be broken for a short period (e.g. WiFi signal drop), it is wise to plan for it. If the analyser will continue to acquire data when the connection with the client is broken:

Appropriate subscription length of the FIFO queue shall be allowed, based on the analyzer output rate and the maximum permitted disconnection time. This shall be set consistently across the whole AcquisitionData FunctionalGroup

In general, only AcquisitionData needs a subscription FIFO queue.

The client settings should be:

Subscription FIFO KeepOldest flag should be set to true.

Client should keep track of dropped packets and request Republish for the missing ones.

The server does not have to do any throttling because the client controls the flow through the Publish request.

The size of the re-publish queue should be evaluated based on the type of the disconnection.

(informative) – Prediction service

This annex is intended to provide some guidelines on how to expose a ChemometricModel prediction service on an existing ADI server.