The following diagram shows the state and command model for the subclasses of the AnalyserDeviceType, AnalyserChannelType and AccessorySlotType. An AnalyserDeviceType contains a state machine of type AnalyserDeviceStateMachineType. AnalyserChannelType contains a state machine of type AnalyserChannelStateMachineType. AccessorySlotType contains a state machine of type AccessorySlotStateMachineType. (See [OPC 10000-5] for a description of state machines.)

For all state machines defined in this specification, for each self-Transition (where the from-state and to-state are the same) that is used to indicate the progress within a state, the self-Transition shall occur only if the time required to pass through this state exceeds 5 seconds and shall reoccur at 5 (±1) second intervals. The Transition event should include information on the remaining time to complete this state when available

All state machines defined in this specification are mandatory unless explicitly stated otherwise. However, some states may be implemented as transient (do-nothing) states depending on the unique characteristics of an analyser.


Figure 16 - ADI State Machines