StreamType defines seven mandatory FunctionalGroups described in5.2.3.1: Configuration, Status, AcquistionSettings, AcquisitionStatus, AcquisitionData, ChemometricModelSettings, and Context. The following tables describe Parameters defined on the Stream of a ChromatographDevice.

Table 40 describes the Parameters that are organized by the AcquisitionData FunctionalGroup of a ChromatographDeviceStreamType.

Table 57 – ChromatographDeviceStreamType AcquisitionData Parameters








YArrayItemType []




Component analysed by a chromatograph




* ScaledData Parameter at this level represents the same Parameter that was defined on StreamType. Since different types of analysers may represent ScaledData differently, it was impossible to declare the VariableType of this Parameter at the StreamType level. It is possible here because the scope of the definition is limited to ChromatographDeviceType. Devices of this type use array of YArrayItemType to represent ScaledData.

The YArrayItem describing the chromatogram has the following behaviors:

  • Because the Chromatograph may collect many chromatograms simultaneously, ScaledData is an array of YArrayItem.
  • X axis is the time in seconds since the injection time, which is the start of the ExtractSample or ExtractCalibrationSample or ExtractValidationSample state of the AnalyserChannel_OperatingModeExecuteSubStateMachine.
  • Y axis unit is vendor specific, usually volts at the detector output.
  • To reduce data bandwidth, the X axis may not be continuous i.e. when there is no peak, no data is produced. This implies that the xAxisDefinition.axisSteps shall be provided.
  • The xAxisDefinition.axisSteps of each chromatogram may be different because the peak positions are different from column to column.