Figure 2 illustrates the overview of the ADI object model. It illustrates main components of the object model in the OPC-UA notation as described in Appendix D of [OPC 10000-3].

AnalyserDeviceType, AnalyserChannelType, StreamType, AccessorySlotType and AccessoryType represent the main building blocks of the object model. They are described in detail in dedicated paragraphs of this specification. Object of type AnalyserDeviceType is the topmost Object of the ADI object model. It represents an abstract type which shall be subtyped for different types of analyser devices. Subtypes of AnalyserDeviceType are described in

This specification does not attempt to define all Parameters for analysers or their components. Instead, it aims to provide a set of mandatory and optional Parameters which are common for all analysers or analysers within the same class (type). Additionally, this specification defines placeholders (FunctionalGroups) where instrument vendors can expose their custom Parameters.


Figure 2 - Object Model Overview