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The AccessorySlotStateMachine describes the behaviour of an AccessorySlot when a physical accessory is inserted or removed.

Figure 21 illustrates components of the AccessorySlotStateMachineType.


Figure 21 – AccessorySlotStateMachineTypeMachineType

If the accessory is not hot swappable or the accessory is already installed when the AnalyserDevice is powered-on the Inserting state becomes transient but remains present. Type definition: AccessorySlotStateMachineType ObjectType ToC Model

AccessorySlotStateMachineType is formally defined in Table 80.

Table 80 – AccessorySlotStateMachineType Definition

Attribute Value
  Includes all Attributes specified for the FiniteStateMachineType
BrowseName AccessorySlotStateMachineType
IsAbstract False

Subtype of the FiniteStateMachineType defined in [OPC 10000-5]

References NodeClass BrowseName Data
TypeDefinition Modelling
HasComponent Object Powerup   InitialStateType Mandatory
HasComponent Object Empty   StateType Mandatory
HasComponent Object Inserting   StateType Mandatory
HasComponent Object Installed   StateType Mandatory
HasComponent Object Removing   StateType Mandatory
HasComponent Object Shutdown   StateType Mandatory
HasComponent Object PowerupToEmptyTransition   TransitionType Mandatory
HasComponent Object EmptyToInsertingTransition   TransitionType Mandatory
HasComponent Object InsertingTransition   TransitionType Mandatory
HasComponent Object InsertingToRemovingTransition   TransitionType Mandatory
HasComponent Object InsertingToInstalledTransition   TransitionType Mandatory
HasComponent Object InsttalledToRemovingTransition   TransitionType Mandatory
HasComponent Object RemovingTransition   TransitionType Mandatory
HasComponent Object RemovingToEmptyTransition   TransitionType Mandatory
HasComponent Object EmptyToShutdownTransition   TransitionType Mandatory
HasComponent Object InsertingToShutdownTransition   TransitionType Mandatory
HasComponent Object InstalledToShutdownTransition   TransitionType Mandatory
HasComponent Object RemovingToShutdownTransition   TransitionType Mandatory

This specification does not define any Methods, which cause transitions in the AccessorySlotStateMachineType. Transitions occur as a result of two external causes:

  • Accessory insertion
  • Accessory removal AccessorySlotStateMachineType States ToC

    Table 82 specifies the AccessorySlotStateMachine’s State Objects. These State Objects are instances of the StateType defined in [OPC 10000-5]. Each State is assigned a unique StateNumber value. Subtypes of the AccessorySlotStateMachineType can add References from any state to a subordinate or nested StateMachine Object to extend the FiniteStateMachine.

A standard set of states are defined for AccessorySlots. These states represent the operational condition of the AccessorySlot. All AccessorySlots must support this base set. See Table 81 for the descriptions of the states.

Table 81 – AccessorySlotStateMachineType State Descriptions

StateName Description
Powerup The AccessorySlot is in its power-up sequence and cannot perform any other task.
Empty This represents an AccessorySlot where no Accessory is installed.
Inserting This represents an AccessorySlot when an Accessory is being inserted and initializing.
Installed This represents an AccessorySlot where an Accessory is installed and ready to use
Empty This represents an AccessorySlot where no Accessory is installed.
Shutdown The AccessorySlot is in its power-down sequence and cannot perform any other task.

The set of states defined to describe an AccessorySlot can be expanded. Sub-states can be defined for the base states to provide more resolution to the process and to describe the cause and effects of additional stimuli and transitions. See Table 82 for the definitions of the states.

Table 82 – AccessorySlotStateMachineType States

BrowseName References Target BrowseName Value Target TypeDefinition Notes
Powerup HasProperty StateNumber 100 PropertyType  
  ToTransition PowerupToEmptyTransition   TransitionType  
Empty HasProperty StateNumber 200 PropertyType  
  FromTransition PowerupToEmptyTransition   TransitionType  
  FromTransition RemovingToEmptyTransition   TransitionType  
  ToTransition EmptyToInsertingTransition   TransitionType  
  ToTransition EmptyToShutdownTransition   TransitionType  
Inserting HasProperty StateNumber 300 PropertyType  
  FromTransition EmptyToInsertingTransition   TransitionType  
  ToTransition InsertingToInstalledTransition   TransitionType  
  ToTransition InsertingToRemovingTransition   TransitionType  
  ToTransition InsertingToShutdownTransition   TransitionType  
Installed HasProperty StateNumber 400 PropertyType  
  FromTransition InsertingToInstalledTransition   TransitionType  
  ToTransition InstalledToRemovingTransition   TransitionType  
  ToTransition InstalledToShutdownTransition   TransitionType  
Removing HasProperty StateNumber 500 PropertyType  
  FromTransition InsertingToRemovingTransition   TransitionType  
  FromTransition InstalledToRemovingTransition   TransitionType  
  ToTransition RemovingToEmptyTransition   TransitionType  
  ToTransition RemovingToShutdownTransition   TransitionType  
Shutdown HasProperty StateNumber 600 PropertyType  
  FromTransition EmptyToShutdownTransition   TransitionType  
  FromTransition InsertingToShutdownTransition   TransitionType  
  FromTransition InstalledToShutdownTransition   TransitionType  
  FromTransition RemovingToShutdownTransition   TransitionType  

Table 83 specifies the Transitions defined for the AccessorySlotStateMachineType. Each Transition is assigned a unique TransitionNumber.

Table 83 – AccessorySlotStateMachineType Transitions

BrowseName References Target BrowseName Value Target Type Definition Notes
PowerupToEmptyTransition HasProperty TransitionNumber 1 PropertyType  
  FromState Powerup   InitialStateType  
  ToState Empty   StateType  
EmptyToInsertingTransition HasProperty TransitionNumber 2 PropertyType  
  FromState Empty   StateType  
  ToState Inserting   StateType  
InsertingTransition HasProperty TransitionNumber 3 PropertyType  
  FromState Inserting   StateType  
  ToState Inserting   StateType  
InsertingToRemovingTransition HasProperty TransitionNumber 4 PropertyType  
  FromState Inserting   StateType  
  ToState Removing   StateType  
InsertingToInstalledTransition HasProperty TransitionNumber 5 PropertyType  
  FromState Inserting   StateType  
  ToState Installed   StateType  
InstalledToRemovingTransition HasProperty TransitionNumber 6 PropertyType  
  FromState Installed   StateType  
  ToState Removing   StateType  
RemovingTransition HasProperty TransitionNumber 7 PropertyType  
  FromState Removing   StateType  
  ToState Removing   StateType  
RemovingToEmptyTransition HasProperty TransitionNumber 8 PropertyType  
  FromState Removing   StateType  
  ToState Empty   StateType  
EmptyToShutdownTransition HasProperty TransitionNumber 9 PropertyType  
  FromState Empty   StateType  
  ToState Shutdown   StateType  
InsertingToShutdownTransition HasProperty TransitionNumber 10 PropertyType  
  FromState Inserting   StateType  
  ToState Shutdown   StateType  
InstalledToShutdownTransition HasProperty TransitionNumber 11 PropertyType  
  FromState Installed   StateType  
  ToState Shutdown   StateType  
RemovingToShutdownTransition HasProperty TransitionNumber 12 PropertyType  
  FromState Removing   StateType  
  ToState Shutdown   StateType  

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