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The MaintenanceModeStateMachineType defines the different modes of maintenance being perfomed on a machine. It is used as a SubStateMachine. If the parent State is not active, the CurrentState Variable of the MaintenanceModeStateMachineType shall have a status equal to Bad_StateNotActive.

The MaintenanceModeStateMachineType is formally defined in Table 29.

Table 29 – MaintenanceModeStateMachineType Definition

Attribute Value        
BrowseName MaintenanceModeStateMachineType        
IsAbstract False        
References Node Class BrowseName DataType TypeDefinition Other
Subtype of the 0:FiniteStateMachineType defined in OPC 10000-5 i.e. inheriting the InstanceDeclarations of that Node.          
0:HasComponent Object Service   0:StateType None
0:HasComponent Object Inspection   0:StateType None
0:HasComponent Object Repair   0:StateType None
0:HasComponent Object Upgrade   0:StateType None
0:HasComponent Object Other   0:StateType None
Conformance Units          
MachineTool Monitoring MaintenanceMode          

The MaintenanceModeStateMachineType does not define an initial State.

The Service State indicates that measures to maintain or increase availability and duration of life are implemented. For example, linear guides are replaced, the bearings are lubricated, or the working area is cleaned.

The Inspection State indicates that the status is evaluated. For example, the lubrication is checked, the expendable parts are examined for wear and tear or the functionality of a workpiece holder is checked.

The Repair State indicates that the functionality of the unit is restored. For example, errors are fixed, or components are replaced.

The Upgrade State indicates that the performance, functionality, etc. of the unit are improved. For example, software upgrades, retrofitting of more powerful modules or modules with a longer duration of life.

The Other State is used if none of the other states apply.

The InstanceDeclarations of the MaintenanceModeStateMachineType have additional Attribute values defined in Table 30.

Table 30 – MaintenanceModeStateMachineType Attribute Values for Child Nodes

BrowsePath Value Attribute

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