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This enumeration provides possible values for the quality of a part. The value represents the quality for the production process step(s) in the machine, not the quality of possible previous production steps.

The enumeration is defined in Table 104.

Table 104 – PartQuality EnumValues Fields

Name Value Description
CapabilityUnavailable 0 The machine tool is not able to give a statement about the part quality.
Good 1 The part quality is determined good.
Bad 2 The part quality is determined bad.
NotYetMeasured 3 The PartQuality will still be determined in the machine tool to be either Good or Bad.
WillNotBeMeasured 4 The machine tool will not give a statement about the part quality.

Its representation in the AddressSpace is defined in Table 105.

Table 105 – PartQuality Definition

Attribute Value
BrowseName PartQuality
IsAbstract False

Subtype of the Enumeration type defined in OPC 10000-3

References NodeClass BrowseName DataType TypeDefinition Other
0:HasProperty Variable 0:EnumValues 0:EnumValueType [] 0:PropertyType  
Conformance Units          
MachineTool Production Job          

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