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A UAInstance is a subtype of the UANode defined in F.3. It is the base type for the types defined in Table F.6. The fields in the UAInstance type are defined in Table F.7. Subtypes of UAInstance which have fields in addition to those defined in OPC 10000-3 are described in detail below.

Table F.6 – UANodeSet Instance Nodes

Subtype Description
UAObject Defines an Object Node as described in OPC 10000-3.
UAVariable Defines a Variable Node as described in OPC 10000-3.
UAMethod Defines a Method Node as described in OPC 10000-3.
UAView Defines a View Node as described in OPC 10000-3.

Table F.7 – UAInstance

Element Type Description
All of the fields from the UANode type described in F.3.    
ParentNodeId NodeId The NodeId of the Node that is the parent of the Node within the information model. This field is used to indicate that a tight coupling exists between the Node and its parent (e.g. when the parent is deleted the child is deleted as well). This information does not appear in the AddressSpace and is intended for use by design tools.

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