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These query examples illustrate complex filters. The following conventions apply to these examples with regard to Attribute operands (for a definition of these operands, see 7.7.4).

  • AttributeOperand: Refers to a Node, an Attribute of a Node or the Value Attribute of a Property associated with a Node. In the examples character names of ExpandedNodeId are used instead of an actual ExpandedNodeId, this also applies to Attribute Ids.
  • The string representation of relative paths is used instead of the actual structure.
  • The NamespaceIndex used in all examples is 12 (it could just as easily have been 4 or 23 or any value). For more information about NamespaceIndex, see OPC 10000-3. The use of the NamespaceIndex illustrates that the information model being used in the examples is not a model defined by this document, but one created for the examples.

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