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For example the logic describe by ‘(((AType.A = 5) or InList(BType.B, 3,5,7)) and BaseObjectType.displayName LIKE “Main%”)’ would result in a logic tree as shown in Figure B.1 and a ContentFilter as shown in Table B.1. For this example to return anything AType and BType both shall be subtypes of BaseObjectType, or the resulting “And” operation would always be false.

readme_files/image043.png Figure B.1 – Filter logic tree example

Table B.1 describes the elements, operators and operands used in the example.

Table B.1 – ContentFilter example

Element[] Operator Operand[0] Operand[1] Operand[2] Operand[3]
0 And ElementOperand = 1 Element Operand = 4    
1 Or ElementOperand = 2 Element Operand = 3    
2 Equals    AttributeOperand = NodeId: AType, BrowsePath: “.12:A”,Attribute:value LiteralOperand = ‘5’    
3 InList    AttributeOperand = NodeId: BType, BrowsePath: “.12:B”,Attribute:value LiteralOperand = ‘3’ LiteralOperand = ‘5’ LiteralOperand = ‘7’
4 Like AttributeOperand = NodeId: BaseObjectType, BrowsePath: “.”, Attribute: displayName LiteralOperand = “Main%”    

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